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Painting the Soul Workshop

Lance studied with Native American expressionist painter Fritz Scholder in a series of one-on-one workshops from 1989- 2000. These workshops are inspired by those studies. Painting the Soul is a workshop that combines technique and intuitive painting.

The style of painting is a very free and uninhibited way of working with acrylic paints that doesn’t so much depend on skill and training as it offers a method of working that allows the student to bypass the limitations of objectivity and paint in a total subjective manner.

The class starts out looking at examples of expressionist art through books, tours and samples of Lance Green’s own artwork. A brief talk follows on the history and philosophy of expressionism and notably how it can open one up to a dialogue with the subconscious. The first working segment of the class involves applying the under-painting with random colors, shapes and strokes. This serves as a warm up, and the students are encouraged to apply the paint very loosely with lots of drips, scratching, and rubbing, using brilliant colors that provide the foundation for the rest of the painting. By the end of this stage most have loosened up not only technique-wise but in their energy and attitude.

The next segment starts with the student sitting and examining and absorbing his initial impressions contained in the under-painting, appreciating and observing the colors, layers, and most importantly subconscious images revealed. Without fail the student sees objects that were inadvertently placed in the under-painted surface, and they then sketch in the images with charcoal and proceed with the painting.

At this point more emphasis is placed on the technique side of things, working on color, shading, composition and especially on taking advantage of the under-painted surface. The final product is always a fine example of colorist and expressionist work, but more importantly has opened up a connection between the artist and his/her psyche and has quite often enabled them to process things in their life that may have remained repressed to their own detriment.   There is nothing evasive about this process, and it is definitely a liberating experience.  Invariably students come away from the workshop with a certain sense of release, even a sense of exhilaration, as well as enthusiasm for their work.

For information or registration call (719) 244-1452 or e-mail lancegreenarts@gmail.com