Lance Green is a Colorist and an Expressionist, but more than that he is a Storyteller conjuring images that take the viewer beyond the mere skin and bone of the subject and into the soul that lies hidden beneath. The greater part of his works are self portraits of sorts but all are universal in their application, expressing the human paradox of grace and despair. There is an ambiguous optimism implied in the work that speaks an invocation for subject and viewer in the artist’s secret language that brings one to rest deeply in an ultimate redemption of all things.

Lance was born in Denver, Colorado in 1953 and was raised there until age ten. For several years to come he moved all around the southwest with his mother and stepfather,  living in the majestic high country of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the Bayous of Lake Texarkana and the High Deserts of New Mexico and Arizona where he was immersed in Native Art and Culture. During the summers he would live with his father who was married to Chris Christopherson, a Norwegian painter that schooled him in the arts, especially modern art. He also spent a good deal of time painting china with his grandmother, Lucy Green.

As a teen he & his family settled in East Los Angeles where they remained throughout his high school years. It was there that he also developed a deep love for Latin Art and Culture. While attending high school, his art teacher Linda Stevens took an interest in him and gave him the instruction and guidance needed to set his life course as an artist. He majored in art at Rio Hondo College in East L.A. and became a fixture in the South Bay L.A. art scene until his move to Colorado in 2004.

In the late 1990’s Lance did a series of intensive one on one workshops with the late contemporary Master Fritz Scholder. His influences include the Bay Area Figurative Expressionists, in particular  Nathan Oliviera and Richard Deibenkorn along with the the Mexican Masters, esp. Laura Hernandez and Rufino Tamayo. However, apart from influences,  Lance is a pioneer in the world of contemporary painting exploring worlds previously uncharted.

Lance now resides in Manitou Springs CO and paints in his home studio there. His galleries include Copper Moon Gallery in Taos NM, Darpino Gallery in Manitou Springs CO, and Wilde Meyer Gallery in Scottsdale AZ

Cover photo: Noa’s Art Photography, www.noasartphoto.com